Warning Lights


At height of only 2.35", this aerodynamic minibar has 6 light modules that provide 360 degrees of visibility. The light meets SAE845 standards and is IP67 rated. The operating temperatures are -40 to 167 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to +75 degrees Celsius). 

Each module has three, 3-Watt LEDs.

Each module has three, 3-Watt LEDs.

There are 14 flash patterns, selected by a switch.



The available colors are amber, red, and blue.

The dimensions are 10.5" (L), 8" (W), and 2.35" (H). 

Installation is by bolts, or 2 magnets. 


Dashlight™ 24W 

There are 22 flashing patterns in red and blue that are produced by eight, 3-Watt LEDs. 

Current draw is 2.1A±0.1A (single flashing)



The best design and construction in detachable warning lights can be found in the GDO series.  The aerodynamic design and strong magnetic base secure GDO to a vehicle, even over 120 miles per hour.  Other features include:

  • Waterproof rubber base with contoured sealing rim

  • Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate dome

  • Powerful precision motor and long-life gear assembly

  • Balanced metallized steel reflector

  • Special radio interference filter

  • Easy-open dome with included key for bulb replacement

All GDOs are available in blue and yellow.  The GDO-R has a rate of 160 revolutions per minute.  The single flashing version is GDO-F with 120 flashes per minute. The double flashing version is GDO-2F.  Both GDO-F and GDO-2F are equipped with Xenon discharge tube and internal Fresnel lens.   



8B S2

S2 is an economical revolving warning light that is also equipped with a 125-decibel siren.  Powerful magnets secure the S2 to a vehicle.  S2 plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter.  The siren is activated by a separate switch. 


Rotation Rate – 200 RPM
Light Source- 55W Halogen bulb
Material – Polystyrene
Colors – Red, yellow, blue