Changeable Message Signs

The new generation of POLIFORCE Changeable Message Signs is TRANSFIX750, with Stealth ScreenIt displays texts and graphical images on a transparent LED screen, mounted on a patrol vehicle's rear deck/window area. The messages visually communicate with approaching vehicles about road/area conditions, without blocking the rear view mirror.


More than 360 words and 10 graphics are included to warn and advise approaching motorists, and adding your own text is easy. Words can be combined to create more options to display. Additional graphics and text can be added to the custom specification of your department, including other languages.

Directional LEDs allow constant messages without distracting the driver

Control the screen with any phone or tablet

Secure Wifi control using the existing vehicle computer

Voice-search messages with Siri or Google Voice equipped phones

Easily customizable HTML control system, open and friendly to your IT department


Messages display steady, flashing, and in reverse

The transparent LED display board is full-color, capable of bright red, blue and amber comparable to traditional vehicle warning lights.



This model was introduced at the 1993 NSA and IACP exhibits. The CMS-V™ models of the TRANSFIX™ electronic changeable message signs are designed to be attached to the sun visor of a vehicle. Two-word messages such as POLICE/STOP or SHERIFF/STOP can be displayed in mirror image to inform what is expected of the driver in front. Messages can be displayed individually and in alternating patterns, each in steady or flashing modes. Single and double-stroke lettering is available in red. Bi-color models are in red and blue. The Wig-Wag model flashes red and blue lights in various patterns. The CMS-V™ models are ideal for unmarked vehicles. Fully programmable models will soon be available.

Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 5.16.13 PM.jpg

The message can be in any language:


Under direct sunlight conditions



Portable Changeable Message Sign

Text and Graphics

Ultra-bright LEDs

43” x 23” (110x60 cm) area

Visible more than 300 yards/meters away

Bluetooth ready

The software is controlled by a PC or mobile phone, and supports multiple languages.

LED modules are user-serviceable from the front

12V DC or optional solar charger

The housing is weather-resistant powder-coated steel with a clear polycarbonate front.

Operating temperature -4° to 158° F (-20° to 70° C)