14A PA-UPM, The Ultimate Police Megaphone

Everything that you ever wanted in a high-fidelity megaphone and more: 

Wireless – Transmit your voice up to 50 meters away. If faced with a threat, the operator can be in a safer location. This feature can be used to cause distraction in a tactical situation.

Headset Microphone – Allows hand-free operation. The transmitter is in a form of a belt clip.  A wired microphone is also included.

Siren – Activated by the microphone or its own switch.

Whistle – Also activated by the microphone or its own switch.

Auxiliary Input – Accommodates output of a CD player or a tape recorder for a louder broadcast.

Voice Recorder – Up to 60 seconds can be recorded for single or repeated broadcast.


3-Way Power Source – 8, size D batteries; included rechargeable battery; 120-volt AC.

Megaphone Specifications:

Output – 35 Watts maximum
Operating Time – Approximately 6 hours
Audio Range – Up to 800 meters/0.5 mile
Recharging Time – Approximately 2 hours depending on remaining power
Weight –  2.5 kg/6.7lb without batteries
Speaker Diameter – 30 cm/11.8”
Length – 47 cm/18.5” 

Wireless Modular Specifications:

Carrier Frequency – 170 to 247MHz
Emission Type – FM (F3E)
Sensitivity – 5uV (SINAD)
Frequency Stability – +/- 0.005% @ 25 degrees C/77 degrees F
Operating Temperature – - 10 degrees to 50 degrees C/14 degrees to 
122 degrees F
Maximum modulation – +/- 25KHz
Image Rejection – More than 70dB
De-Emphasis – 50us
Frequency Response – 50Hz to 15KHz
Dynamic Range – 100dB
Operating Range – 30 to 50 meters/98 to 164 feet in open field 

Headset Microphone Specifications:

Maximum Modulation – +/- 25KHz
Spurious Emission –             45dBc
R F Carrier Power – Within 15mW
Power Source – 2 AA batteries


14B PA-S and PA-W

Both PA-S and PA-W are high-fidelity megaphones. Their integrated circuit design minimizes howling and distortion. PA-S is equipped with a powerful siren, while PA-W includes a built-in electronic whistle. The siren or whistle is controlled by a separate switch and can be effectively utilized to alert the public in an emergency. 

The volume is adjustable for both models. Each unit can be ordered with a grip handle that includes a built-in microphone, or with a shoulder strap and a detachable microphone. 



Output – 20 Watts maximum
Power Source – 8 size C batteries (not included)
Weight – 3.3 lb/1.5 kg without batteries
Speaker Diameter – 9.23”/36 cm
Length – 14.2”/36 cm