Intelligent Light Bars

An integrated light bar with retractable Changeable Message Sign

Intended for police, sheriff, highway patrol, departments of transportation, and all vehicles in traffic operations and incident management. Text and graphics are displayed in the 19”x37” (48x94 cm) 32x96 pixel matrix screen via the vehicle's on-board computer or any phone/tablet with wifi. Messages may be displayed in single or two lines to advise or warn the approaching traffic about the road or area conditions. The viewing angles are >130° horizontal and >130° horizontal. The screen brightness is 7.5 Nit. The operating temperature is -40 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 50 Celsius). The weight is 70 lb (32 kg).


Each of the 22 LED modules that form the lightbar can be customized to your choice of red, blue, amber or white.